What is Triggered Email?

Posted by maadmin on July 05, 2017

Triggered email uses shopping activity, such as a visitor browsing on your website, to automatically send personalized marketing messages. Triggered emails are significantly more effective than “business as usual” emails, with 70% higher open rates and 150% higher click through rates.

The key to triggered email is identifying your website visitors – the more you can identify web visitors, the more you can track their interests, preferences and purchasing histories to send them the right email messages. And the more you send the right messages, the more your marketing efforts will result in sales.

4Cite is the best email marketing services provider company when it comes to triggered email campaigns for your business. 4Cite identifies more web visitors than anyone else in the industry through its proprietary CrossLink technology, a network of digital IDs linked to email addresses. It not only links more of your web visitors to known email addresses, it also links visitors to email addresses you haven’t acquired yet and sets the stage for acquiring them. In conjunction with tracking customers across the various devices they use to shop, CrossLink enables optimal targeting, content, and timing for delivering marketing messages and maintaining effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Some examples of triggered emails available through our Triggered Email marketing solution:

Abandoned Cart: Email someone who added items to an online shopping cart but didn’t complete the purchase.
• Abandoned Product: Email someone who browsed a product on your site but didn’t make a purchase.
• Abandoned Search: Email someone who typed in a search term (i.e. “shirts”) but didn’t make a purchase.
• Now on Sale: Email someone who previously browsed a product that just went on sale.
• Back in Stock: Email someone who previously browsed and item that was out of stock.
• New arrivals: Email someone who previously browsed or purchased similar items when a new item is added to the inventory.

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