How well do you recognize your customers across multiple devices and email addresses?

Posted by Sharon Finnerty on June 02, 2017

How smooth is your customer’s journey with your brand? That largely depends on how well you can recognize each customer across multiple devices and email addresses.

Traditional ways of identifying users fall short as they switch from one device or email address to another. Effective personalization is key to conversions, but it can’t be effective if you only recognize your customers a fraction of the time they’re interacting with you.



Consumers using multiple devices have become the norm, with more than a third of all Americans owning three or more digital devices.  And worldwide, the number of email addresses per user continues to grow.  Using conventional data collection, a shopper with three devices becomes three different people.  With two or more email addresses, that shopper can easily become six or more people in your data.



4Cite’s advanced visitor identification technology (CrossLink) is superior to anything else on the market, seamlessly identifying consumers who visit your website and tracking them across devices and email addresses to ensure consistent personalization.  CrossLink creates a persistent identifier for each shopper and continuously updates it, regardless of device or email address used.


CrossLink not only powers 4Cite services, but can also feed data directly to your customer database using Triggered Data.  This ensures the most complete picture possible of your customer’s interests and preferences.  With this powerful data at your fingertips, you can better segment your customers, strengthen your predictive modeling, and more effectively integrate your online and offline marketing.


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