4Cite Names Finnerty Chief Operating Officer

Posted by Wendy Troncone on October 09, 2018

4Cite, the first and only full-service, people-based identification and insights services provider, today announced that 4Cite Senior Vice President of Product Jim Finnerty has been promoted to chief operating officer. “This is an important promotion for our company,” said 4Cite CEO Bob Gaito....

4Cite ranks in Albany's Top Tech Startups

Posted by Wendy Troncone on May 08, 2018

Featured in Albany Business Review by Andrew H. Roiter and Todd Kehoe

The term “Tech Valley” was coined in the late ‘90s as a way to describe the Albany, New York, area, highlighting our region’s growing high-tech footprint. Many of those companies are large now, but like the entries in this...

These are Upstate NY's 50 fastest-growing private companies, ranked

Posted by Wendy Troncone on May 08, 2018

Featured in NYup.com by Ben Axelson

Why Top Retailers Are Failing At Triggered Email Technology

Posted by Wendy Troncone on February 08, 2018

 Featured in RIS News  by 4Cite CEO Bob Gaito

Talk about low-hanging fruit. If a shopper on your website puts something in the cart and leaves without making a purchase, getting them to complete the sale often doesn’t take much.  In fact, if you generate a triggered email reminder in the next...

The New Way to Know Your Customer: Apparel chain Avenue digs deep to engage online shoppers

Posted by Wendy Troncone on December 04, 2017

Successful retailers have sophisticated marketing relationships with their customers. And the more information the retailers have, the better — the shopping habits of the invisible people who click on their website, when they shop, how often they shop, where else they shop, what they buy, what...

How 4Cite is putting the online goods you want in your inbox

Posted by Wendy Troncone on November 09, 2017

4Cite Marketing, an Albany, New York, digital marketing and technology company, is expecting significant growth in 2018 after adding new big box clients and hiring more sales people.

Get a Standing Ovation from your Ad Audiences

Posted by Wendy Troncone on October 10, 2017

Maximize ROI by getting the Right Message to the Right People (and Measuring Results)

WWD Digital Forum in NYC

Posted by Wendy Troncone on September 25, 2017

Just as brands and retailers adjust to a mobile-first market, the digital landscape is shifting yet again, spurred by the fast pace of technology. The future is less about screens and more about immersive experiences. What are the immediate implications for brands, for retailers? WWD was held on...

Shawn Firehock Joins 4Cite as Vice President of Strategic Growth

Posted by Wendy Troncone on September 19, 2017

Albany, New York, Sept 19, 2017 -4Cite, a leading consumer identification and data insights company announced that Shawn Firehock has joined the company as Vice President of Strategic Growth. In this position, Shawn will oversee 4Cite’s worldwide sales team and be responsible for supporting the...