Careful, you don’t know where that data has been

Posted by Wendy Troncone on October 18, 2018

Featured in Internet Retailer by Bob Gaito

Consumer data collected from third parties varies drastically in quality, and now is harder to get after Facebook cut off advertisers’ access to such data Oct. 1. Here are some tips on using your own data to create audience profiles and test the...

Consumer Targeting: Using Purchasing Intent to Close the Deal

Posted by Wendy Troncone on October 18, 2018

Featured in MarTech Series by Bob Gaito

Using a consumer’s shopping behavior to drive personalized marketing is quickly moving to the forefront of marketing technology. Driving this change is the disruptor Amazon, with other retailers scrambling to keep up.  Amazon uses a customer’s actual...

Pacesetters 2018: 10 Fast Rising Retail Executives

Posted by Wendy Troncone on October 16, 2018

Featured in Retail Info Systems by Tim Denman & Jamie Grill-Goodman

Lead. Follow. Or get out of the way!

That famous line has been used by military leaders and politicians for decades to inspire constituents and build organizational unity. It is also a perfect way to view the current...

Dozens of Advertisers Share Strategies for Reducing Facebook CPC

Posted by Wendy Troncone on October 15, 2018

Featured in Databox by Dann Albright

According to our latest report, 63% of the advertisers we polled report a cost-per-click (CPC) of less than $1. Here’s how they’re optimizing their ads, targeting the right audience, and reducing cost.

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a message to LinkedIn...

Vantage customer identification nearly doubles

Posted by Wendy Troncone on October 12, 2018

Featured in Industry Today

Vantage Deluxe World Travel was conceived to provide a better choice for adult travelers looking for deluxe accommodations and great value.

Learn how Vantage nearly doubled customer identification.

4Cite Names Finnerty Chief Operating Officer

Posted by Wendy Troncone on October 09, 2018

4Cite, the first and only full-service, people-based identification and insights services provider, today announced that 4Cite Senior Vice President of Product Jim Finnerty has been promoted to chief operating officer. “This is an important promotion for our company,” said 4Cite CEO Bob Gaito....

5 Amazon weaknesses rivals can exploit

Posted by Wendy Troncone on September 21, 2018

Featured in Internet Retailer by Bob Gaito

Amazon is an e-commerce powerhouse, but it’s not strong in every area. Here are some of its key weaknesses and a strategy competitors can use to win business away from the e-retail giant.

Amazon just hit $1 trillion in market value, reflecting the...

Annie Selke Uses Offline Tactics to Drive Online Buyers

Posted by Wendy Troncone on September 18, 2018

Featured in Street Fight by Stephanie Miles

Brand: Annie SelkeHeadquarters: Pittsfield, MassachusettsVendor: 4CiteBottom Line: Lifecycle marketing is helping high-end brands connect with customers at every stage of the purchasing process.

Shoppers have grown more accustomed to buying high-ticket...

BlueFly Press Release

Posted by Wendy Troncone on September 18, 2018

4Cite Signs Contract with High-End Fashion E-Commerce Leader Bluefly

Activation and Cart Abandonment Programs, Shopping Elsewhere Triggered Emails Increase Visitor Identification, Email Collection and Revenue

26 Marketers on the Things That Work for Reducing Cart Abandonment

Posted by Wendy Troncone on September 13, 2018

Featured in DataBox by Dann Albright

From reducing friction in the checkout process to sending great email sequences, 26 marketers share the most effective ways for reducing cart abandonment. 

31% of digital marketers say that shoppers abandon their cart due to friction in the checkout...