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Posted by maadmin on April 03, 2017

Why does website visitor identification matter?

Interacting with your customers as individuals is more important than ever. When marketing to digitally savvy consumers, you need to reach them wherever they are with on-time, relevant, custom experiences. To convert them into buyers, you also need to take into account their interests, preferences and purchasing histories. 

The more you can identify your website visitors and interact with them at this customized level, the more they’ll respond to your marketing messages.

ID-more-pie-graphicSimply put, 4Cite’s advanced visitor identification technology (CrossLink) identifies more web visitors. It not only links more visitors to your known email addresses, it also links visitors to email addresses you haven’t acquired yet and sets the stage for acquiring them.





In conjunction with tracking consumers across each of the devices they’re using, CrossLink provides the optimal targeting, content and timing for delivering marketing messages and ensuring positive shopping experiences. 

CrossLink is 4Cite’s network of Digital IDs that increases email linkage levels for website visitors and enables cross-device connections.



CrossLink powers the 4Cite suite of products, enabling marketers to deliver a unified and coordinated cross-device, omnichannel message stream to each customer.




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