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How well do you recognize your customers across multiple devices and email addresses?

Posted by Sharon Finnerty on June 02, 2017

How smooth is your customer’s journey with your brand? That largely depends on how well you can recognize each customer across multiple devices and email addresses.

Live Content recommends products your customers are likely to purchase

Posted by Sharon Finnerty on March 22, 2017

 eCommerce giants like Amazon leverage dynamic product recommendations all the time. They use your current shopping activity, shopping history, and the activity/history of others who shopped for similar items to recommend products that are likely to be of interest to you.

Easy access to your website data can improve your marketing ROI

Posted by Sharon Finnerty on March 06, 2017

With today’s consumers expecting the information and offers they want – when and where they want them – today’s marketers need customer information at their fingertips. To keep your marketing programs responsive, it’s increasingly important to know what your web visitors are doing on your...

Get more clicks and conversions

Posted by Sharon Finnerty on February 15, 2017

Getting customers to engage with marketing emails can be tough. Personalized emails offer tremendous advances over traditional methods, but challenges still abound. For example, when Gmail introduced filtering that presorts emails into a main inbox, social and promotions, it moved marketing...

New product integrates Triggered Email with Direct Mail

Posted by Sharon Finnerty on February 13, 2017

Powered by 4Cite's advanced web visitor identification technology, LS Direct Marketing ( has launched Boomerang Direct, a valuable new service that merges triggered email technology with direct mail. Using this service, marketers can send website visitors a personalized, direct...