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What is Triggered Email?

Posted by maadmin on July 05, 2017

Triggered email uses shopping activity, such as a visitor browsing on your website, to automatically send personalized marketing messages. Triggered emails are significantly more effective than “business as usual” emails, with 70% higher open rates and 150% higher click through rates.

What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Posted by maadmin on June 07, 2017

Online shopping cart abandonment – when shoppers put items in their shopping cart but leave before completing the purchase – is the bane of online retailers. But it's also a huge opportunity considering that nearly $4 trillion worth of merchandise is expected to be abandoned this year. Nearly 1...

How can you get your emails delivered at the perfect time?

Posted by maadmin on May 30, 2017

4Cite’s email service provides new kinds of email triggers that “fire” based on your customers’ online shopping activity when they are not on your website.

Identify more website visitors with 4Cite

Posted by maadmin on April 03, 2017

Why does website visitor identification matter?

Interacting with your customers as individuals is more important than ever. When marketing to digitally savvy consumers, you need to reach them wherever they are with on-time, relevant, custom experiences.