4Cite Signs 34 New Customers

Posted by Wendy Troncone on November 09, 2017

Albany, New York, Nov. 8, 2017 - 4Cite, a leading consumer identification and data insights company, today announced that 34 new companies have signed contracts for the company’s 4Cite Consumer Insights Interaction Hub. Some of the customers on this list include Adorama, Buy Auto Parts, Challah Connection, Choice Home Warranty, Emerald Waterways, Odysseys Unlimited, Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours, Smith & Noble and Welding Supplies from IOC. In addition, 4Cite brought on three new Fortune 500 retailers including North America's largest specialty provider of arts, crafts and do-it-yourself home decorator, an American multinational office supply retailing corporation and an innovative American automaker.

“Our goal is to help companies identify customers and keep them for life,” said 4Cite CEO Bob Gaito. “We’re honored to be working with industry-leading B2C and B2B brands that understand the importance of personal connection for fostering brand loyalty and driving increased revenues. Our latest list of customers includes rock stars representing the automotive, manufacturing, consumer goods, apparel, travel, services, office supplies, home décor, and arts and crafts industries. Welcome aboard.”

4Cite helps customers positively influence shoppers’ purchasing activity through appropriately timed and personalized product/offer recommendations. Unlike traditional, digital marketing services companies that use siloed decisioning approaches that only offer basic data capture with segmentation techniques to engage and convert potential customers, 4Cite is the first and only consumer identification and data insights company with a centralized interaction hub that uses innovative web visitor identification technology and advanced data and analytics to identify previously unidentifiable customers to influence purchasing activity with proprietary technology that enables retailers to acquire, retain and reactivate customers, driving brand loyalty and increased revenues.

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