4Cite Announces Q1 Customer Wins

Posted by Wendy Troncone on May 03, 2018

Albany, New York, May 3, 2018 - 4Cite, a leading consumer identification and data insights company, today announced multiple new client wins in the first quarter of this year. Retailers like 32 Bar Blues, True Measure, Bluefly, Amour Vert, UVSkinz, Gump’s, Dripworks and Café Press are utilizing the 4Cite Consumer Insights Interaction Hub™ and 4Cite’s new Shopping Elsewhere™ triggered email solution to foster brand loyalty and drive revenues. In addition, the company also announced it has expanded service offerings with ten of its existing customers.

“4Cite is one of the most agile, innovative and affordable partners in our vendor portfolio,” said Bluefly, Vice President of Marketing and Ecommerce Kenneth Fernandes. “They’ve helped us enhance our site experience with personalized messaging and added sophistication to our email marketing program via multiple behavioral campaigns.”

4Cite is the first and only consumer identification and data insights company with a centralized interaction hub that uses innovative web visitor identification technology and advanced data and analytics to identify previously unidentifiable customers to influence purchasing activity with proprietary technology that enables retailers to acquire, retain and reactivate customers. 4Cite’s suite of product offerings include Shopping Elsewhere email triggers, provide valuable insight that prompts real-time, personalized offers at the moment when potential customers are actively in their inbox or are in shopping mode on other retailer sites, drastically increasing open rates and getting inactive and lapsed customers re-engaged.

“Leading brands choose to work with us because they understand that individualization is key to brand success,” said 4Cite SVP, Sales and Marketing Jack Sturn. “Our team defines and implements strategies that fuel individual marketing programs, increasing engagement and enabling 4Cite customers to become top performers in their categories. We’re happy to see that Shopping Elsewhere email triggers are driving brand loyalty and revenues.”

According to 32 Bar Blues, Founder and Chairman Bruce Willard, “4Cite has been a valuable partner from the beginning, and continues to help us expand the sophistication of our ecommerce marketing to achieve our goals and long-term growth objectives.”

About 4Cite

Albany, New York-based 4Cite is a leading consumer identification and data insights company. The 4Cite Consumer Insights Interaction Hub uses innovative web visitor identification technology and advanced data and analytics to identify previously unidentifiable customers and influence purchasing activity. Helping companies drive brand loyalty and increase revenues, 4Cite is privileged to partner with some of the industry’s leading B2C and B2B companies including Staples, Harry and David, J.Jill and Vera Bradley. For more information, visit http://www.4cite.com or call 844-545-7110.


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