4Cite Announces Record Growth in 2017

Posted by Wendy Troncone on March 20, 2018

Rapid Adoption of 4Cite Consumer Insights Interaction Hub Secures Company’s Customer Engagement Leadership Position

4Cite, a leading consumer identification and  data insights company, today announced at ShopTalk, the world’s largest conference for retail and ecommerce, that the company achieved record revenues and significant expansion into new markets in 2017. Citing rapid adoption of the 4Cite Consumer Insights Interaction Hub™ as the fuel behind the company’s growth, 4Cite credits visionary B2C retail and ecommerce customers seeking to optimize conversion, drive brand loyalty and increase revenues as the reason for its exceptional year.

“We’re starting the year off strong with new partnerships, products and even new lines of business that will continue to validate our leadership position,” said 4Cite CEO Bob Gaito. “Our growth is fueled by the passion and dedication of our customers and a visionary team that is second to none. We pride ourselves on being a leading-edge technology company, providing the industry with superior insight capabilities. Something no one else in the industry can do.”

4Cite has experienced double digit, year-over-year growth since the company’s inception in 2010. The company also experienced significant expansion into the retail, healthcare and hospitality sectors as well as focused on product innovation and channel growth.

Highlights of 4Cite’s 2017 achievements include:

  • Sales Growth: 4Cite became a global company in 2017 and achieved 42 percent growth and a 94 percent retention rate driven by strategic partnerships and new clients in the retail, healthcare and hospitality industries. Key wins include well-known brands including Staples, Michaels, Smith and Noble and Glasses USA.
  • Team Growth: The 4Cite team grew by 14 percent and is expected to continue to grow by double digits in 2018.
  • Industry Recognition: 4Cite once again earned recognition in 2017 from Inc. 5000 as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.
  • Technology/Product Innovation: 4Cite introduced hundreds of new API integrations that connected 4Cite to other services allowing clients to keep existing triggered services providers and letting 4Cite drive revenue lift across all marketing channels. The company also developed 4Cite Engagement Bars™, which enhance a visitor’s onsite experience with flexible and personalized tiles to acquire, convert and retain visitors. 4Cite continued to grow its powerful 4Cite Data Network™, tagging 1.45 billion email sends and over 1 billion page views for over 240 brands, representing over 40 million active email addresses every month. As a result, 4Cite clients experienced a minimum 20 percent increase in revenues.
  • Channel Growth: 4Cite developed and grew its strategic partnerships with the addition of 4 key industry leaders including Amazon's Redshift. 4Cite partnered with Amazon to analyze historical customer data to predict profitable consumer behaviors and present personalized product recommendations at the right time to improve consumer engagement and drive incremental revenue. The company also grew its omnichannel service capabilities with enhanced products for Website, Email, Database, Mail, Social, App and Ad Audiences.

“We’re proud of the successes achieved across all areas of our business, which is directly related to our highly-rated customer service team and new product offerings. As we plan for our next high-growth year, we’re excited to see our sales, marketing services, and product teams expand exponentially. We’ll remain focused on identifying more customers for our clients, engaging them in real-time and increasing our client’s revenues,” added Gaito.

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