Engaging Shoppers With Relevant, Personalized Messaging Across Multiple Channels

Posted by Wendy Troncone on June 05, 2019
Written by  Bob Gaito, 4Cite, Published in Executive ViewPoints
In surveys across the board, marketers say that personalization is a top priority. When done right, it increases engagement, builds loyalty, and drives sales by delivering messages that align with — and anticipate — what each...

Establishing a shopper's identity is critical to personalization

Posted by Wendy Troncone on April 11, 2019
Many marketers struggle to identify consumers as they shop in various channels and on a variety of devices. A universal identifier for each shopper is the crucial missing piece that can establish identity and enable personalization.

Direct marketing has come a long way since physical mail...

The High Stakes of Identity

Posted by Wendy Troncone on April 10, 2019

Commentary by 4Cite CEO Bob Gaito

Direct marketing has come a long way since physical mail addressed to “Resident” was state of the art. But while marketers have achieved an increasingly high level of sophistication, the problem of identity remains.

6 People-Based Marketing Tips

Posted by Wendy Troncone on February 11, 2019

We form relationships that focus on the long-term best interests of our clients. As a result, many have been with us since we started back in 2010. Because when it comes to people-based marketing (PBM), there’s a right way to do business that ensures great results — and great relationships — for...

The Hot New Channel for Reaching Real People: Email

Posted by Wendy Troncone on January 22, 2019

Featured in The Wall Street Journal by Christopher Mims

Kids think it’s fussy and archaic, but for brands, creators and businesses of every kind the emerging medium of choice to reach audiences is the only guaranteed-delivery option the internet has left: email.

Consumer email services have been...

Holiday Email Done Right Is Huge for the Bottom Line: Five Tips for Doing It Right

Posted by Wendy Troncone on January 03, 2019

Featured in MarketingProfs by Bob Gaito

Bluefly Boosts Email Revenue 11%, Site Visitor Identification 50% With Targeted Marketing

Posted by Wendy Troncone on November 08, 2018

Featured in Retail TouchPoints by Glenn Taylor

Branding itself as a highly curated fashion marketplace for the style-obsessed shopper, e-Commerce retailer Bluefly hosts more than 3,000 luxury brands across three online stores: B. luxe, B. Timeless and B. trendy. With a fast-growing product...

4Cite Named Best Place to Work

Posted by Wendy Troncone on October 25, 2018

Albany, New York, Oct. 25, 2018 - 4Cite, a people-based identification and insights services provider, today announced that the company has been selected as one of Albany Business Journal’s Best Places to Work.

More than 165 companies submitted nominations to be considered as a Best Place to...

Is Your Email Service Provider What You Think It Is?

Posted by Wendy Troncone on October 22, 2018

Featured in Retail Info Systems by Bob Gaito

Every company needs an email service provider (ESP).  But if you think that having one means you’ve solved your email marketing program, think again.

The reason?  ESPs struggle when it comes to identifying website visitors when they’re not logged in...

Biggest Tech Trend for eCommerce in 2019: People-Based Identity

Posted by Wendy Troncone on October 22, 2018

Featured in Street Fight by Bob Gaito

People-based marketing is a term used in every corner of the martech landscape, but here’s the rub: People-based marketing requires people-based identity, and not everyone has figured that out yet. They’re starting to, though, and 2019 will be the year when...